Our Mission  Statement

We are a people who  believe that the love our God was revealed in Jesus Christ and having accepted  that love, we are committed to share the good news of God’s love by making Disciples  of Christ.


Our Covenant

To provide an inclusive  environment for Christian worship and learning.

To strive to be more  understanding and accepting of diversity of faith and culture as we work for peace and justice for all persons.

Nurture our children so  that they will embrace the Christian life.

To support with our  prayers and actions, brothers and sisters in our local and global communities.



Our 2018 Confirmation Class will have its first meeting at 2 pm in the third-floor youth area on Sunday, Jan. 21. The class will meet for the next few months, and will be confirmed on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018. Pastor Phil will lead the class and use the current official UMC confirmation resource, confirm. We anticipate having about three or four students, but any junior high-ish student who is interested can get on board before the train leaves! 


Join Us

 We are handicapped accessible providing:


   a wheelchair accessible

   entrance off of the parking lot


   an elevator to the lower level


   accessible restrooms


   large print bulletins and